Founded in Hague, the Netherlands, LiBrave Europe B. V. is specialized in R&D of magnetic sensor chips and strives to solve technical difficulties encountered by our customers in research of their products. 

LiBrave has R &D center, application support center and technical service center in the Netherlands to provide our European customers with integrated solutions and quality services. We have application analysis and technical service sectors in China as well to offer fast local responses and meet local customers’ requirements.

LiBrave offers a whole series of integrated magnetic sensors based on Hall effect, including uni-polar, bi-polar, and omni-polar magnetic digital position sensors IC, magnetic linear sensors IC, angle & position sensors IC, and magnetic speed sensors IC. LiBrave products are extensively applied to all cases requiring position detection, including such industrial applications as detection of brushless motor, mobile wake-up/dormancy, air conditioner blowing/radiating fan, together with automobile applications like detection of seat belt, wiper motor, anti-pinch power window system and gear shifter as a substitute of traditional mechanical switches. These products help customers greatly increase reliability of their systems. Also, LiBrave is working on development of derivatives related to magnetic sensor chips in the aim of providing our customers with more options.

As an expert of magnetic sensor chips, LiBrave uses specialized knowledge and rich experiences to transform concepts of our customers to practical products and provides our customers with appropriate solutions, quality products and first-rate services for different fields of application.