Electric Tool

The cores of brushless electric tools are their brushless motors and controllers.

Current Sensor

The current sensor detects and transforms current signals.

Cleaning Robot

Cleaning robots have almost replaced traditional human cleaning in indoor environment


A magnet is installed inside the screen of a laptop and a Hall sensor is installed on its main board.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Hall switch sensors take a very important position in intelligent household appliances.


LiBrave’s three-axis Hall sensors can realize stable cloud control system of UAV.

Gas Heater

Hall sensor functions to detect water inflow and ON-OFF status.

Air Conditioner

Air conditioners use Hall circuits to detect speed of fans and control motor speed.

Coffee Machine

The status of raw materials inside a coffee machine can be detected according to change in their weight.

Fitness Equipment

The running machine, the most commonly seen fitness equipment, uses bi-polar Hall element for speed measurement.


The field of NEV has become an inestimable emerging market for Hall sensor industry.


Hall devices are extensively applied to modern automobiles.

Electric Bicycle

Hall sensors used on electric cars are magnetic sensors that can detect magnetic fields and their changes.

Smart Ammeters

LiBrave is now working on non-polar conventional Hall switching circuit to meet market demands.

Brushless DC Motor

Brushless DC motor uses Hall sensor to replace carbon brush commutator.

Industrial Automation

The key word of automated production is control, i.e. control in terms of angle, speed, position, load and overload protection.

Textile Machinery

Industrial machinery is all moving towards the direction of higher precision and less environmental pollution